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Thorsten, Pastor

"It has been my pleasure to get to know your family. Even more, it has been a time of reconnecting with the Lord through your help and through times of quiet and rest. I believe this will go down as one of the pivotal points in my life and ministry. Keep on with the good work of this ministry!"

Andy & Ellen, Missionaries

"The Friedrichs' "oasis" at Broom Tree Landing proved to be an answer to prayer. Over our 4-day stay, Tom and Karen extended a warm welcome and made us feel completely at ease at their lovely farmhouse overlooking Leesville Lake. We were blessed by meaningful sessions with both of them. Some of the conversation was guided by "life discovery" tools that we found extremely helpful. We also enjoyed private quiet time, walking and kayaking, Karen's home-cooked meals, and Tom's humor. The ducks and dogs were an added bonus (although they usually were off doing their own thing).

Our debrief with the Friedrichs filled a gap we've felt for a long time. Affirmed and refreshed, we came home renewed in spirit and confident that 'God isn't done with us yet!' "

Mark,  Pastor

" Tom was that voice and ear  that listened (really listened), inquired, examined, encouraged, and guided me through some unexpected and honestly unpleasant revelations from God. I can say with certainty that I won’t plan another sabbatical without having a coach in the wings to help me unpack what the Lord desires to bring to my attention. And if Tom is still available when that time comes, He will be first on my list."

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