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Debrief Retreat

Whether you are coming off a missionary tour or a particularly challenging season in the pastorate it is hugely helpful to have a time to debrief and process what you have gone through and what God has been doing.

Are you coming out of circumstances that need some unpacking?

Come experience R.E.S.T.

Many in ministry experience a particularly difficult season or incident that has kind of left them reeling. In order to mover forward, heal, and carry on you need someone to talk to and someone to help you find God in all of it.


Come experience RETREAT!

Come and decompress. Seek God's face and healing in a tranquil environment. Take a paddle or a walk. Nap. Pray. Reflect.

Come experience ENCOURAGEMENT!

God is for you. We are for you. We offer a listening ear and open hearts. We know God has plans for you and help you find a renewed sense of calling and his presence.

Come experience SAFETY!

You are there for others but who do YOU go to when YOU are struggling. We offer a safe, confidential, judgement free place to share your struggles with others who have experienced struggles as well.

Come experience TRANSFORMATION!

The coaching we offer assists you in finding the clarity you need to move forward with health and effectiveness for the long haul. We help you tale inventory, interpret what you are seeing, innovate your next steps and we offer follow-up coaching for implementation.

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