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Renewal Retreat

Take 3-7 Days away from it all to enjoy some quiet time away from ministry with God in his creation. We offer retreat resources and available coaching and counseling for you to experience a time of rest and renewal.

Are you growing a bit weary?
Or are you nearly burnt out?

Come experience R.E.S.T.

Ministry and leadership, whether in the Church, the marketplace or the mission field can take their toll. Tangible results can be elusive. The people you lead and the people you serve can be challenging. Sometimes God Himself seems silent. Even Jesus himself pulled away from the busyness of ministry at times to be alone with the father.


Come experience RETREAT!

Come away from the busyness and spend some time being refreshed and restored. Enjoy the lake or go for a hike. Catch a big striped bass. Nap. Spend uninterrupted time in prayer and refection. We also offer some helpful materials that you may use to facilitate your times with God

Come experience ENCOURAGEMENT!

God is for you. We are for you. We offer a listening ear and open hearts. We know God has plans for you and help you find a renewed sense of calling and his presence.

Come experience SAFETY!

You are there for others but who do YOU go to when YOU are struggling. We offer a safe, confidential, judgement free place to share your struggles with others who have experienced struggles as well.

Come experience TRANSFORMATION!

The coaching we offer assists you in finding the clarity you need to move forward with health and effectiveness for the long haul.

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